Peter Kregsamer - X-ray physics



The lectures will comprise:

  1. Fundamental facts about X-rays
  2. Several sources for the production of X-rays, with deeper coverage of Synchrotron radiation
  3. Detectors
  4. X-ray fluorescence analysis, with deeper insight into
  5. Quantification in XRF
  6. Extraction of information from X-ray spectra
  7. The effect of total reflection of X-rays
  8. X-ray optics and imaging
  9. Absorption spectroscopy, tomography
  10. Diffraction and scattering
  11. Sample preparation
  12. Discussion of several selected publications in conjunction with the previous topics
  13. Other techniques related to X-rays
  14. Introduction to ISO 17025 - quality management

During the practical courses the available spectrometers and techniques will be used.

Peter Kregsamer

Atominstitut, Vienna, Austria

Peter Kregsamer Photo

Born in Vienna, Austria - 1961.

Senior scientist assigned to the radiation physics group at the Atominstitut, Vienna in Austria, an institute of the Technical University Vienna (TU Wien). The institute is centered around an operational TRIGA mark II research reactor, at the edge of a huge park, the Prater.

Several travels as consultant for IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) had brought me to various countries around the globe - most of the times for the purpose of knowledge transfer in the fields of X-rays and quality management (ISO standard 17025: General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories). About 60 publications and book chapter contributions. Doctoral degree (Dr. techn.) in the field of total reflection X-ray fluorescence analysis (TXRF).

I am very enthusiastic about exercising sports, in particular running and swimming, and in winter time skiing is on my list.