Dr Christopher Chromik - Structural and electrical properties of perovskite, MgB2 and dielectric thin films for cryoelectronics prepared using vacuum methods


The lectures will be focused on basic structural properties, methods of the preparation, some important electrical properties, limits of the applications. The schedule of the lectures:

  1. Basic deposition vacuum methods. Evaporation, sputtering, PLD, CVD.
  2. The summary of most frequently used analysis applied at examination of thin films XRD, AES,RBS, XPS...
  3. HTC and medium temperature superconducting films
    • YBCO films and structures
    • Thallium based films and structures
    • Mercury based films and structures
    • MgB2 thin films and structures
  4. Manganite (LSMO) thin films
    • LSMO thin films (preparation, structure , el. properties and possibility ofx application
    • Nanostructures YBCO/LSMO (superconductor/ferromagnet) (properties)
  5. Dielectric thin films
    • Buffer layers on semiconductors substrates for YBCO films
    • Buffer layers on Si and SOI substrates for bolometer application

Dr Christopher Chromik

Październik 2013



  • 1968-1973 Electrotechnical Faculty, Slovak Technical University, Bratislava, Slovakia
  • 1978-1983 PhD study at the Institute of Electrical Engineering SAS, Josephson junctions on the base of Pb, led-alloy and Nb
  • 2000 DrSc, Defence of habilitation work

Research experience:

  • physical properties of superconducting thin films (In, Pb, Nb, NbN, YBCO, Tl-Ba-Ca-Ba-Cu-O, Hg-Ba-Ca-Cu-O, MgB2,...)
  • research on preparation and study weak links (superconducting tunnel junctions on the base Pb, Pb-alloy and Nb
  • investigation of high temperature superconductors (HTS) thin films structures and weak links, mainly structural properties (composition, orientation, microstructure, interdiffusion)
  • preparation and structural study of dielectric oxide epitaxial or highly oriented thin films (CeO2, YSZ, Y2O3, SAT,Bi4Ti3O12, SrTiO3)
  • surface properties of HTS thin films and multilayers (morphology), weak links (step-edge, bicrystal, sandwich junctions)
  • preparation and study of MgB2 superconducting films and weak links on the base of this material
  • preparation and study of MgO buffer layers on GaAs and GaN substrates

Head of the Cryoelectronic Department of the Institute of Electrical Engineering SAS.