Prof. Jan Błachut "Novel structural materials"

28.2.2015 - 21.3.2015



1.Overview of novel structural materials (composites, fused metallic hybrids, metallic foams, laser deposited hybrids, etc.) and their applications in aerospace, on land and marine/offshore industries

2.0 Composites - manufacturing details:

2.1 commonalities (mandrel, shrinkage, de-bonding, geometrical and thermal stability, wear & tear, etc.)

2.1 filament winding (polar & equatorial)

2.2 draping

2.3 resin transfer moulding, resin infusion

2.4 jointing

2.5 tape laying, braiding

3.0 Modelling of filament winding

3.1 polar winding (driving shaft/position/size, stepping, etc.)

3.2 fibre orientation & wall thickness

3.3 equatorial winding and its sequencing

3.4 illustrative examples, experimental verification

4.0 Modelling of draping

4.1 single focal point versus variable positioning of focal point (implications/benefits)

4.2 petalling

4.2 net-shape

4.3 experimental verification

4.3 industrial applications/implementation(s)

5.0 Brief review of Classical Lamination Theory

Prof. Jan Błachut

Jan Błachut received his MSc in Physics in 1971 (Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland), PhD in 1980, and DSc in 1996. The latter two were in Mechanics and both from Cracow University of Technology (CUT). In 2008, the title of Professor dr hab. has been conferred by the Central Commission for External Degrees and Academic Titles, Poland.

For nearly a decade he worked at the Institute of Physics, CUT and then for more than 30 years he taught and performed research at Mechanical Engineering, The University of Liverpool, UK. After statutory retirement, as Reader in Applied Mechanics, he remains the Senior University Associate. Currently he is also Visiting Professor at the University of Manchester Aerospace Research Institute, UK. He has published more than 150 papers in reviewed scientific journals and proceedings and serves on Editorial Boards of Engineering Optimization, Technical Transactions and Mechanical Review journals. Some of his publications won awards of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE, London) and American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME, NY). He has been elected the Fellow of the IMechE in recognition of professional achievements, and has the status of CEng. Recently he chaired Euromech Colloquium in Liverpool (with A. B. Templeman) and CISM course in Udine (with H.A. Eschenauer) - both devoted to various aspects of structural optimization. He is a full member of the ECCS Technical Working Group 8.4 on Buckling of Shells, and has worked for Sub-Committee on Design Methods PVE/5-British Standards Institution. His research interests include buckling of shells, integrity of pressure vessels, and structural optimization of components aimed at on land, in the sea and in the air applications.