Prof. Wolfgang Lohmann: "Particle Physics"



The Standard Model of Particle Physics will be introduced. In particular key results of experiments, essential for the development of the theory, will be discussed. The accelerator and detector technologies having made these results possible will be treated in detail, supplemented by novel technologies important for forthcoming experiments.

Lecture Group I: Experimental Principles and Technologies

Lecture 1: Fundamental Particles and their Interactions

Lecture 2: Units and basic Kinematics

Lecture 3: Scattering Experiments, Luminosity and Cross Section, Fermi's 'Golden Rule'

Lecture 4: Particle Accelerators and Collider

Lecture 5: Basics of Detector Physics - Charged Particles

Lecture 6: Basics of Detector Physics - Photons and Neutrons

Lecture 7: Gaseous Detectors

Lecture 8: Scintillators and Photodetectors

Lecture 9: Solid State Detectors

Lecture 10: Calorimeters

Lecture 11: Complex Detectors, Examples at Current and Future Colliders

Lecture Group II: Theoretical Snapshots and Key Experiments

Lecture 12: Dirac Equation and Magnetic Moments

Lecture 13: The g-2 Experiment E821 at BNL

Lecture 15: Basics of Quantum Electrodynamics and Feynman Diagrams

Lecture 16: QED Tests at High Energy

Lecture 17: Discovery of the Tau Lepton and Heavy Quarks

Lecture 18: Quarks, Gluons and Deep Inelastic Scattering Experiments

Lecture 19: Scaling Violation and Quantum Chromodynamics

Lecture 20: Measurements of the strong coupling at HERA experiments

Lecture 21: Weak Interactions and the Fermi Constant

Lecture 22: Neutrino Scattering and Discovery of Neutral Currents

Lecture 23: The Discovery of Heavy Gauge Bosons

Lecture 24: Weak Interactions of Quarks

Lecture 24: Unification of Electromagnetic and Weak Interactions

Lecture 25: Test of the Electroweak Theory in LEP and SLC Experiments

Lecture 26: Electroweak Symmetry Breaking

Lecture 27: The Discovery of the Higgs Boson

Lecture 28: Key Measurements of Higgs Boson Parameters at LHC and a Future

Electron-Positron Linear Collider

Lecture 29: Beyond the Standard Model

Lecture 30: Neutrino Oscillation

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